The unthinkable has happened. A few bugs have crept in the print version of the book. I apologize for those. As part of the process, we got the book proofread and checked by at least three different sets of eyes and brains. Yet few lot of bugs have crept in.

I am really sorry for em. I know it hampers the reading experience. I know it sucks to have all those bugs in the very first book. We’ve already decided that if when #tnks goes for the next print run, we will fix em. As we speak, we are making changes in the ebook versions.

So, here is a list of errors, omissions, typos and other such things in the book.

Edition 1

  • Page 32: Last para, last line. “It was hard to image imagine that…”
  • Page 42: Second last paragraph, last line – “…weather whether she liked it or not.”
  • Page 57: Last para, second line Extra spacing before the sentence starts.
  • Page 78: Third paragraph, third sentence – “…if you want, you can you go ask her some more questions.”
  • Page 110: Second last paragraph, last line – “Rujata Rujuta said excitedly”
  • Page 140: Fourth Paragraph, second line – “expensive whiskey form from the bar”

This is the list of bugs that we’ve been able to spot till now (of course with help of friends and strangers). And I am sure that this not the complete list. Please help me find em all. Please.

And, if you do spot a bug that is not in this list, please notify me. I shall be grateful. It will only help the story flow better for other readers. In return, I will send you a copy of the next book, as and when I get to publish it. Paperback or ebook in India. And ebook outside. Absolutely free. No terms or conditions. Promise.

Thank You!
Saurabh Garg

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