Draft 2

80,000 Words

Took about 80K words for the first draft.

Time for an update.

Earlier this month (and throughout), I sent out the first draft of tnks to a few friends. Some of them have come back with their reviews, recommendations and list of changes.

First things first. In terms of review, the general sense is that the story is not great shakes per se but is not bad either. So one battle one. The task up ahead is to make it better. As good as these guys expect it to be. Hopefully if I change a few things, it would fly. I need to thus work on it.

In terms of recommendations, there are a lot of valid suggestions. In fact almost everyone has pointed out a fatal flaw in the plot. I need to fix that for sure. Apart from that I am not sure if I will heed to everything that people have said but I will give every input a thorough consideration when I work on the next draft.

For the next draft, I hope to start working on it from the 1st of March. In fact I told the first set of reviewers to come back to me by end of this month. Some of them have. Some of them haven’t. But I would start the next part of writing in another couple of days. The best place to do anything is here. And the time to do so, is now.

The feedback also helped me realize that I was wrong in assuming that the first draft itself would fly and would catch fancy of a publisher. Despite suggestions and inputs from friends about the fallibility of the first draft, I was somehow confident about it. But I’ve been proved wrong. Glad that I sent out to friends.

Once I do the next draft, that’s when I’d start talking to publishers. Till then, godspeed and good luck to me.

Oh, one more thing, do let me know if you would want to read the second draft. 

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