Author – Saurabh Garg

SGCurious marketeer by the day, Saurabh Garg is a struggling storyteller by the night. The Nidhi Kapoor Story is his first full-length story.

Apart from writing, Saurabh is passionate about startups, travel and poker. When he is not busy getting rivered or not working on creating characters and plots for his upcoming stories, he likes to meet and talk to other interesting people and ask them stupid questions that often don’t have answers.

Saurabh maintains a very elaborate bucket list. The item on top of his list is to visit every country in the world. So far, he’s been to 15.

Originally from Delhi and based out of Mumbai, he went to Delhi University and MDI Gurgaon for his undergrad and postgrad respectively. He spends a lot of time on twitter (@Saurabh) and writes often on his personal blog.