It costs nothing to encourage an artist…

From Zen Pencils

Kevin Smith says, “it costs nothing to encourage an artist…”

Dear 500+ friends, family, readers, strangers and others, thank you so so so so so much for encouraging me. I dont claim to be an artist. But I want to be one some day. And you guys are helping me become one.

It’s been almost two months since the book came out. And…
I have had people telling me that they love it.
I have had people telling me they hate it.
I have had people telling me to try harder.
Some say, may be, I ought to retire after my first.

There are some who say they don’t want to read because they know that I am no good. I persisted and sent them copies. I don’t know if they read. I hope they do.

Then there are some who read, re-read and sent copies to their friends and family. I asked them not to do so. But they insisted and sent.

Some said I ought to stick to writing my blogs and gave me tips to improve the blog. And on the other hand, some asked me the question that I loved the most – when is my next coming out?

And the answer is, by the end of 2015. It’s WIP. I’d talk about it when I am ready to.

Coming back, to be honest, I couldn’t claim to be a writer without inputs, support and encouragement from all of you. I know I have made mistakes and I know most of you have been tolerant.

Thank you all of you.

#tnks is my first book. And like any other first, it means the world to me. All good bits have happened because I had so many giants to stand on the shoulders of. All the bad things happened because I could not push myself to do better. I promise that I’d leave no stone unturned when my next comes out.

As the cliche goes, the entire journey of #tnks has been nothing less than a roller-coaster ride. And I’ve enjoyed every bit of it.

Thank you so so much.

Oh, I am not done yet. In fact, I have just started. More books, more mistakes, more pushy marketing, more requests and a lot more is on the way.

Till then, thank you once again for everything.


Thanks to Zen Pencils, Grapevine India, Wrimo India, Kevin Smith.

P.S.: Wrote this on the FB page when it reached 500 “likes” 

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