The Nidhi Kapoor Story is my first book. And even though I have been writing a blog for almost ten years, writing a book was not easy at all. May be it comes easy to everyone else, but it took me considerable time and struggle to understand the process of writing a full length piece of fiction.

I believe that as a writer, I have a responsibility towards the craft. This page is a small attempt to help other first-timers get their story out.

I have compiled links, resources, videos, tutorials etc that I used while I was working on #tnks. I hope other first-timers find this page helpful.



1. Steven Pressfield on reviewers, feedback and other such things
As first time authors, we have this tendency to show our work to all our friends and other literary geniuses that we know of. Hoping that these guys would help us improve the craft. In this post, he talks about these reviewers. Otherwise as well Pressfield’s blog is a must-read for anyone aspiring to write.

2. WIP!


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