Coming Soon. In October 2014!

Coming SoonJust heard from my publisher (Grapevine) that we are looking at releasing the book in October of this year. What does this mean? It means…

A. I have about two months to get a marketing plan in place.

B. I still have time to get the cover image done the way I want it done. I can now pester friends and strangers alike to help me with the cover. Actually I already did it. Just posted a question on Quora.

C. I have two months to kill. I had thought that I’d start the next one right after the launch. But since the launch is two months away, I can waste time. If I have to publish one book a year, every month counts. And I definitely cant waste two.

D. It give me more jitterbugs in my stomach about how would it do and how would I face audience and critics and all that. I am fearful that people may not like what they read. If that happens, then what? Etc etc.

But all said and done, I can’t wait for October. Why? Because #tnks would be out in October! In the meanwhile, if you want, you can help me with tnks!

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